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Publication Series
Informa Economics

Our Services
Seres provides;

  • Regular publishing services,
  • Consultancy & Education

focused on agricultural markets and agri- based industrial products for its clients.
Periodical reports focused on below headlines aim to lighten the way of decision makers by sharing in detail information on up to date commodity price indices, international commodity exhange prices, export and import price movements, related currency movements.

  • Grains (wheat, corn/maize, barley)
  • Oilseeds (soybean, rapeseed, palm kernel, sunflower seed)
  • Processed products of oilseeds (oils, meals, and wastes)
  • Agri-based ingredients of feed industry (feed grains, oilseed based ingredients, pulps)
  • Sweeteners (Sugar, starch-based,High Intensity Sweeteners
Additionally; policy changes, new and amended regulations in force, amendments in export and import regime and news summaries will be shared with our clients on time.
Our expert team specialized on agribusiness for decades and our comprehensive database formed in time, can provide tailor made solutions for specific demands of our clients. Country and product based market research, studies and analysis are in the content of our services both exclusive and non exclusive basis depending on choice of clients.
Educational activities related to our field of actitivity are organized on demand from clients in our own location or other locations selected by Seres.