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TURKER ÜNAL, AYSIN, Msc, Senior Consultant

She has a wide experience in agribusiness over 30 years. Prior to Seres, over 5 years, she held the position of the Coordinator of R&D Department in Anadolu Birlik Holding, and Konya Sugar Industry Inc. which has been listed within the first 50 industrial enterprises of Turkey. Between 2003-2008, she held the position of Secretary General of Turkish Sugar Authority which is the uniqe independent regulatory body of sugar and HFCS sector in Turkey. While she was in charge of this position, she fulfilled the missions of Chairmanship of the Council and the Administrative Committee in the International Sugar Organization and she also attended the bilateral screening meetings on agriculture, between the EU and Turkey, as a member of Turkish delegation.

Prior to joining the Turkish Sugar Authority, between 1980-2003, she worked in Turkish Sugar Factories Inc. in several positions and occupied Head of R&D and coordination Department between 2000-2003. While she was working on behalf the company, she won the OECD scholarship and attended a course which was held in the UK on advanced planning of investments projects and She also participated 5 Year Development Plan Studies of Turkish Government as a member of committee on Agriculture.

She has a book on “The Relations Between Turkey and the EU” published by Turkish Sugar Factories Inc. in 1996. She addressed and chaired many national and international conferences. She received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Chemistry at the University of Hacettepe, in Ankara.

She specialized in investment planning, economic research, R&D and sector analysis areas in agribusiness.


ÜNAL taught Banking and Finance in Bilkent University. He holds the position of Director of Business Development in Seres International Agri Consulting Ltd. He specialized in finance of agricultural investment projects.


ATATÜRE, taught economics in İstanbul University, He worked in Ministry of Customs and Trade over 25 years He was in charge of the Department of Investigation Board in the Ministry . Between 1995-1997 he held the position of the Undersecretary of the Ministry. Lastly he worked for a customs brokerage firm in İstanbul as a manager.

He worked on the Customs System of the UK in the late 80’s in London. He wrote a book on the Customs Law and the application of the Article VII of GATT. With regard to his area of expertise, he contributes to projects carried out by Seres.


EVCIM, Professor in Agricultural Eng., graduated from Ege University and got his academic titles in the same Faculty. He has numerous publications in his field of specialization. He served as consultant in New Holland, John Deere and Case IH. He has studies on the cotton production techniques and mechanical harvesting. With regard to his area of expertise, he contributes to projects carried out by Seres.


KAPTAN, taught Agricultural Economics in Ankara University. He held the position of Deputy Project Director in energy sector during the first three years of his professional life. Between 1993-2017 he held several positions in Pankobirlik which is one of the most reputable farmers unions of Turkey. He was in charge of International Relations and Business Development Director in the Union prior to joining Seres.

Kaptan, who has significant studies on commodity markets, agribusiness, bilateral agreements and international network, contributed to meetings, seminars and workshops of international organizations such as ISO, CIBE, WABCG, ICA, IRU, CIRIEC with his presentations, articles and researches. He also added significant contributions on restructuring process of the group under the umbrella of Pankobirlik by establishing bilateral partnerships, business development and know-how transfer issues. Now, with regard to his area of expertise, he contributes to projects carried out by Seres, as business partner and solution provider.

ÇELİK, S. Tülin, Ph.D.

CELİK, graduated from Hacettepe University Faculty of Chemistry, passed 25 years of her professional life out of 30 in the Presidency of Refik Saydam Health Centre, which is a research institute with national and international importance under the structure of the Ministry of Health. She started her career as Food Specialist Chemist in Gima T.A.S. General Management (1980 – 1983), then the worked as Expert Chemist in the Ministry of Health Basic Health Services Directorate (1985 – 1988), as Analyst and Laboratory Chief in the Presidency of Refik Saydam Health Centre Food Safety Directorate (1985 – 2012), she was also responsible for International Relations and European Union Department in the same directorate (2002 – 2008), while working as Deputy Manager in Consumer Product Safety and Health Effects Laboratory Directorate (2008 – 2012) as well. S. Tulin Celik, who received her Ph.D degree on “Food Hygiene and Technology” from Ankara University Veterinary Faculty, has researches on animal origin foods, especially on fresh beef, as well. She is also European Union and International Relations Expert and Occupational Health and Safety Expert. She worked as Food Sector Commission Member in Turkish Accreditation Agency (TURKAK), as Finished Foods Expertise Commission Member in Turkish Standards Institute, as Editorial Board Member in Turkish Hygiene and Experimental Biology Magazine, as Commission Member in Turkish Food and Nutrition Report that was prepared by State Planning Organization to be submitted to Economic Congress, while taking part in expert pool for evaluation of several European Union projects. She took role as Rapporteur in preparation of certain Turkish standards in Turkish Standards Institute. She took active roles in many national and international trainings, seminars and meetings and participated to the preparation works of food legislations on a national level within the scope of European Union harmonization studies.


ASLAN taught Agricultural Eng. in Ankara University. She worked in the Agricultural Credit Cooperative of Malatya Province over two years. Between1992-2011, she held several positions in Gübretaş Gübre Fabrikaları T.A.Ş which is one of the heavyweights of Turkey’s fertilizer industry. lastly she was in charge of the Sales Director of Central Anatolia Region in the same company. Now she works as an independent consultant.

Aslan, specialized in business management, marketing&sales, foreign trade, enterpreneurship and patent & trademark. With regard to her area of expertise, he contributes to projects carried out by Seres.


GACAR received his bachelor’s degree from The Faculty of Law, Ankara University. He provides his wide experience on the agricultural cooperatives as a legal adviser. With regard to his area of expertise, he contributes to projects carried out by Seres.


YILDIRIM, graduated from Bilkent University Department of Translation and Interpretation, started his professional life as Translator in Ajans Press Media Monitoring Company (2010 – 2013). In addition to the translations of the news appeared on national and international press belonging to large-scale companies from sectors like banking, telecommunications, informatics, insurance, automotive and energy that are submitted to their foreign directors, along with the news that are related to their own company, their rivals and the sector as well. Then, he founded his own company Yazihane Translation Office and continues his studies within the structure. In addition to written translations, he also gives sight – simultaneous translation services in different summits, meetings and organizations. He speaks English and French.